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Northallerton Classic Car Storage

Northallerton Classic Car Storage

A Self Storage steel storage container is ideal for Northallerton classic car storage, keeping your classic vehicle safe and secure whilst it is off the road during the winter months.

Many classic car or cabriolet vehicle owners take their vehicles off the road for the winter and keep your classic car outside on your drive or taking up space within your garage when you can stow your pride and joy away safely and securely in a Northallerton classic car storage container within our secure, gated compound.

Whether you have a cabriolet for fun summer motoring or you’re a true classic car enthusiast, you want to keep your car out of the damaging winter elements whilst it’s off the road. Keep your car in good working order, store your vehicle in a robust water and weather proof steel container unit. Your classic car made have more than just sentimental value and therefore, to maintain the integrity of the body work shouldn’t be parked outside, exposed to the winter elements and rock salt for months on-end. Our storage units are specially designed for self storage purposes and are surprisingly spacious. The self storage units are perfect for storing larger, treasured items, such as your classic car or any other vehicle that needed to be off road and secure.

With our generously appointed self storage units, you can safely stow your vehicle and with room to space, you’ll also have plenty of storage space left for your motoring accessories, such as vehicle spares, tyres, tools and dust covers. We make it easy to keep all your motoring equipment in one convenient place.

With a self contained storage unit for Northallerton classic car storage, we offer storage for your classic car that it is private and enclosed; you hold your keys and you have sole access to your storage unit in which your car is stored. When you control the access to your vehicle, no one can brush past your classic motor, scratching it’s paintwork with a key or bag  buckle or even a rivet on their jeans. Our storage units are much securer than the average residential garage, protected by 24 hour lighting and CCTV in our gated, enclosed compound.

So now that the days are drawing in and in a few short weeks, the clocks will be going back, are you taking your car off the road? Don’t let your classic car suffer damage to it’s bodywork over the winter months, hire a secure steel container unit from Self Storage Northallerton.

If you have any questions about Northallerton classic car storage, don’t hesitate to call us on 07803 014930 or contact us.

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