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Northallerton House Move Storage

Northallerton House Move Storage

Moving home and your new home not ready yet? Self Storage Northallerton house move storage units available now.

Moving house can be stressful and especially if you’re part of a chain. You can safely store your home contents with Self Storage Northallerton. It isn’t always possible to move into your new home straightaway. Self Storage Northallerton have clean and dry weather proof self storage unit available for only £100 per month. Our Northallerton self store container units are 20 foot long. The contents of an average 3 bed property will comfortably fit into a self store unit. Store your house contents securely with Self Storage Northallerton so that you can co-ordinate your house move to suit you.

Being part of a chain when selling your home can be problematic. Trying to make sure the completion dates don’t clash. Take the hassle out of moving and store your house contents safely until your new home is ready and signed over.

Self Storage Northallerton provide flexible storage solutions. Contact us to discuss your Northallerton house move storage. Water tight, clean, dry container storage is available for only £100 per month. We also can provide flexible short term storage solutions, contact us to discuss our flexible short term hire rates.

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